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How much does it cost to develop a website in Pakistan?

Why is Web Development so Important in Pakistan?

Today, most businesses, big, or small, have their websites, something that was not common in Pakistan a few years ago. Ever wondered why? Pakistan is a developing country, with increased usage of mobile and internet. Since now, an increasingly large proportion of the population uses the internet to view, search for, and even purchase products, it is crucial that Pakistani businesses develop their websites if they wish to survive and thrive in the years to come. 

Having a website offers many benefits to a business. It allows for direct communication with the customer. Say a customer searches for a particular product that you sell, the search engine will display your website link (if you have conducted SEO successfully) which would enable the customer to view your products, check the details, contact you, and/or make the purchase. This ease of communication and purchase is beneficial for both, the customer who does not have to travel to the shop to make the purchase, and the business, whose sales increase while reducing costs.

Moreover, if a business has its website, it builds credibility and trust amongst the customers. Also, it offers an opportunity to connect with customers far away from the origin city/country of the business and helps in market expansion. 

The list of benefits of having a business website is a never-ending one, but by now, it must have been clear to you that in these fast-changing times, it is crucial for your business to have an online presence. However, like any entrepreneur, you would be thinking how much does web development cost in Pakistan? Do not worry, we got it covered!

How much does it cost to develop a Website in Pakistan?

In Pakistan, web development may cost as low as Rs 29,000 to as high as Rs 1,500,000* because the cost heavily depends on what features you want, how complex the structure is, how many products you wish to sell, and a lot of other factors. The cost of the website is the aggregate of a lot of sub-costs. 

Suppose you were to design a website yourself, following are the major costs that you would incur:

  1. User Interface and User Experience Design

Creating the website look and interface that allows users to interact with the website.

  1. Web Development Cost (Front-End and Back-End Development)

Understandably, one of the main costs would be the actual web development process, which includes the front-end development, which is the development of structure and outlook of the website, and back-end development, which caters to the development of servers, and databases, etc. which work behind the scenes. This is the most expensive step in the whole procedure.

  1. Domain Name Cost

The cost of having a unique domain name that identifies a website. To buy .pk domain you can try serversea.com

  1. Hosting Cost

Annual costs to keep the website on the server.

  1. CMS Development Cost

A Content Management System is essential to frequently update, manage, and edit the website content and of course, has a cost attached to it.

  1. Marketing Cost

This includes SEO costs, Content Generation Costs, Copywriting, etc. that help attract and hold the target audience to the website.

  1. Maintenance

After being developed, the website needs to be maintained and so, maintenance costs must be incurred for a seamless user experience.

  1. Others (SSL Certificates, Logo Designing, Videos, Pictures, etc.)

There are a lot of other costs associated with web development. SSL certificates need to be obtained which ensures that the website is secure, and has an associated fee. Then, logo designing, graphics, and infographics, all add to the cost of web development.

Feeling overwhelmed? That is completely understandable! All the listed tasks and activities are very complex, many requiring professionals to be hired and paid individually. It takes time, effort, and of course money. You can connect with experienced professionals on the internet and various freelancing platforms, which might give you significant control over price, but delivery time, quality, experience, and compatibility may be compromised. Do not worry, however, for there is an easier alternative. You can simply work with a Web Development Agency Pakistan, which will take over all the steps and provide you with your website, all ready to go.

Web Development Companies in Pakistan

With the growing demand for web developers in Pakistan in recent years, a lot of companies have been established. One such Company is Webperts, which is a digital agency that deals with web development, SEO, and Digital Marketing

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